DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Steve's 33rd Birthday Party...

Robert left for work at about 7:15. I slept for another few hours. I got up, had coffee, and breakfast.

I spent about an hour-and-a-half out back cleaning up the ground beyond my deck, and the deck furniture. I stacked the leftover pieces of wood that James left out there when building the deck, and emptied the water that had collected in a bucket of wine bottles that some other tenant or neighbor set out back, and emptied the water out of the bottles themselves. That's ready to go out for recycle next time.

There was a lot of crud on the green, plastic chairs, and part of the green color came off as I was watching them. A little got on my tank top. I'm hoping that after they're dry, if people sit on them later, more green stuff doesn't come off on their clothes. That would sort of defeat the purpose of cleaning them.

Later in the day, I mopped the floors, and then ran to Sam's to pick up the cake. Back at the house, I washed the lettuce, and ripped it into slices for the hamburgers. I also sliced the tomatoes, and slice some, and diced some, of the onions, for the hamburgers and hot dogs.

As six o'clock neared, I was dicing the Velveeta to make the cheese dip. I poured the Rotel tomatoes and green chilies in and heated it up on low.

At about 6:20, Jay arrived, the first guest. Steve and Brian were next. I was surprised the straight couple Steve'd asked about also bringing was not with them.

Others arrived after that, and the party went pretty well, I thought. Will left early, as did David (Brown?). Alan L. and Robert arrived close to 9, and we fed them.

Steve opened his gifts, we had cake, and then he wanted to play a game, so we played the Poll Game. Alan, David M., Joe, Jay, Steve, me and Robert. It was pretty much without incident... lots of sex questions, and gossip, though.

Everyone left at about 11 or a little after. I was so exhausted. We cleaned up just a little, as I had been sort of doing it as the night progressed.

We did a couple of crossword puzzles, and then MMMMMMMed.. and MMMMMMMMMed again. :-)

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