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Today's workout playlist was brought to me by the letter K...

~Tuesday~  Today at the gym, before starting my workout, I wanted to hear a song on my iPod that I recently downloaded, and for some inexplicable reason it was not in the "Purchased" playlist, so I selected the "By Song" sort and found it.

Once it started, I decided to just let it move to the next song in the list when it was done, so essentially what I heard was a slew of songs, all of whose titles began with the letter K, which actually turned out to be interesting intellectually for a couple of reasons:

  1. Due to the funny way the—or perhaps my—brain works I found myself a little startled when the first word of the song didn't start with a K, having to consciously think, "Oh yeah, it's the title that starts with a K." Eventually, that sunk in to the point that I no longer expected it.

  2. The second interesting thing that happened was when I couldn't immediately think of the title. I'd go through a process of trying to remember it before the song got to the refrain, which is where, in a majority of the cases, the title was mentioned.
In the end, this is what the playlist looked like:

Keep the Customer SatisfiedSimon & Garfunkel
Keg in the ClosetKenny Chesney
Kentucky GamblerDolly Parton
KicksThe Monkees
Kids Say the Darnest ThingsTammy Wynette
Kid CharlemagneSteely Dan
Killing Me Softly With His SongRoberta Flack
The Kind of Man a Woman NeedsBarbra Streisand
King of the RoadRufus Wainwright & Teddy Thompson
Kiss and Say GoodbyeThe Manhattans
Kiss of LifeSade
Kiss On My ListHall & Oates

This was so much fun—as it played such a variety of songs, many of which I haven't listened to in forever—that I may go back to the top of the alphabet, and pick a random song to start with in that group for that day, and then move down the alphabet over my next 25 workouts.
Tags: alphabet workout, gym

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