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4 things I think, do, or feel even though I know they are irrational...

~Sunday~ When I first thought of this topic several days ago now, I was thinking I'd list five of them. I guess it's good news that after three or four days, I've only come up with three.

With that said, I have no delusions that these are in any way the only things I do that are irrational. It's just three that I've become self-aware about.

Carrot, cucumber, tomato, green pepper, and celery scraps in my sink ready to go in the garbage disposal

So, let's get on with it:

  1. I feel like when I put scraps like those in the picture above in my garbage disposal, that it's "healthier" for my disposal than the other things it has to dispose of.

  2. I'm willing to drive to get something cheaper even though I haven't factored in the time I'm going to spend, the cost of gas and wear and tear on my car to get there, or what the price difference is actually going to be.

  3. When it rains while I'm at the gym, I think it's the absolute best thing I could be doing while it's raining. The harder it rains, the better I feel about it.

  4. ***NEWLY ADDED*** I rarely, if ever, attend stand-up as an entertainment choice, because I can't not feel uncomfortable when someone is up there and it's not going well. Even though, intellectually, I know it has nothing to do with me, just witnessing the awkwardness and embarrassment of it all is just not something I'm willing to risk having to have paid to see.

What known-to-be irrational things do you think, do, or feel?
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