DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Catching up with Joe, and meeting Patrick...

I met Joe and Patrick at the El Dorado's (or is it El Rodeo's) in Forest Hills. We called Steve to see if he wanted to join us, who was at that very moment calling me to see what I was doing for dinner. If he couldn't reach me, he was going to try Joe. How funny. I ordered "Number 17" for him while he drove over.

Joe showed me his Tour de Friends pictures, a few of which are gems. Unfortunately, he forgot to bring my copies, so I didn't get to take them home. There's one of the both of us that I want to frame. It's so good.

It was great to finally meet Patrick. I love his forearms. So masculine!

I retrieved Rob's sleeping bag from Joe before leaving.

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