DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

First time at Third Place in some time...

I worked from home again today, and thank goodness I checked my calendar before 9:00. We MMMMMMMMMMed before I knew if Courtney was gone or not, and I stifled my screams. God, that man works me. Afterward, we got up only to find out that she had already left. I started moaning and screaming like I was doing it over again. We both laughed.

I checked my Internet connection at about 8:35, and successfully connected. Damn! That bi-weekly RTP TIGR Meeting is today at 9:00. I can't make it to work in time to attend it. I Sametimed Mark to ask him to call me at home at 9:00 for the meeting. It was a good meeting, though it was trying a little, at times, on the phone. I have got to do something to make absolutely certain I am at work for the next meeting of that team. The one two weeks ago, I totally forgot about until about 10:30.

Today I reviewed audit reports AR-0179 and AR-0165. I came up with about 25 action items, and that felt great to get done! While I worked on that, Robert did two loads of laundry for me, and was just a thoughtful, dear man in trying to figure out where the mute button was on my phone. He ended up calling Panasonic's customer service number, holding for about 15 minutes, and then finding out there is no mute button on that phone. Who'd a thought??? What a sweetheart for the effort, though.

I called Triangle Car Care to schedule an appointment for tomorrow to assess my oil leakage. They couldn't take me until Tuesday. I Sametimed Sharon asking her if she could pick me up there Tuesday morning. We settled on 6:30 (Yawn!) as she wants to be at the rec center to work out by 7:00.

Robert and I split a pepperoni pizza for lunch. Robert cleaned up. He also noticed, out back, that the guy who had just came by with the riding lawn mower had run over the above-ground cable to the point that the inside wires were exposed.

I called Time Warner to schedule service to repair the cable, and to bury it. They said, "Our work order indicates that work was done. I'll schedule it again with our contractors."

After about an hour, I heard some goings-on out back. I looked and saw two guys out there. I went out, and they were from the cable company, but working on an order to bury my neighbor's (Katherine's) cable. They were not able to bury mine, too, as it need to be repaired first. They said they would wrap it up with black electrical tape for me, though, until the guys came out on the new work order.

I wrote up my status for Rich for our 3:00 meeting. I connected at 3:00, and shortly thereafter Mary joined the line. After a few more minutes Lila. Rich never did connect. I Sametimed Candie since Rose Mary wasn't on, and asked her if she knew Rich's or Rose Mary's whereabouts. She responded that Rose Mary was out today, and that Rich wasn't in his office. Lila called his cell phone, and it went to voice mail indicating he was on another call. She tried his office. No answer. We held the meeting without Rich.

Lila intimated a couple of times that I Bogart giving status to Rich. My feeling is, in the absence of anyone else giving it, I'm going to give it. If you don't want me giving him status on things you're doing then give him status yourself, and copy me. I didn't vocalize that as I'm still getting to know Lila, and I'm not sure I'm reading her right.

I lost my Internet connection again, and after doing the ipconfig commands again, got it back. Grrrrrrrrrr. That so annoys me.

I worked until about 6:00, and then took a shower. I had to get out of that house. Working at home is nice, but being the extreme extrovert that I am, I just have to get out at some point.

I went to eat at Papa Lou's. I told you I'd be back. I tried a burger this time, and had another order of those killer fries. I got water with my meal, intending to have another one of those shakes afterward, but I decided against the calories in the end. It's still on my mind though.

On the way to Papa Lou's I called Rob, but got his answering machine. I'm trying to arrange getting his sleeping bags back to him, and picking up my mail that he called about earlier in the week, or was it last week? I also asked, in the message I left, whether he had a key to Wes' place or not.

In the restaurant, while waiting for my order, I tried to reach Ric to set up meeting him to retrieve the EAGLE banner, which Jon needs for the AIDSWALK the weekend of September 6th. Evidently, I copied his phone number down wrong from the email Wes sent into my to-do list. I reached some lady, who confirmed, as well as my "recently called numbers list," that I had dialed correctly. Afterward, it occurred to me that there used to be a key to Wes' house outside his house, which Rob and I knew about. I wonder if it's still in the same place. If so, this would save me having to make arrangements to meet Ric, which would be great.

Leaving Papa Lou's, I stopped by my house to pick up my laptop. I went to Third Place, where I haven't been in quite a while, and caught up on a bunch of my journal entries. Kevin, from book club, dropped in at about 10:45. He lusted after "the guy in the blue shirt" for a few minutes, told me about seeing Dave, from the book club, recently at Logan's, and talked a little bit about the upcoming meeting at which we'll watch "Chuck and Buck." I reminded him that I'm going to miss that meeting, as I'll be in Orlando for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary celebration.

I left Third Place at about 11:05. I was going to stop by Flex, but the thought of that crowd, and that smoke, turned me off. I went home instead.

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