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Put-In-Bay Vacation—Day 3

~Wednesday~  After a couple of mimosas with breakfast, Joe and I headed outside to the pool and had a couple of Bloody Marys at the swim-up bar:

A Bloody Mary, complete with a lemon, a lime, and two big fat green olives sitting on the swim-up bar shelf

At one point, I went inside to use the restroom closest to the pool, where they had a waterfree urinal that saved a lot of water annually, but more importantly, didn't stink. It had this sign above it:

By using this touch-free, completely hygienic system, you are helping the environment to conserve an average of 40,000 gallons of fresh water per urinal, per year.

With the exception of the personification of the environment, it's a well-written message. The environment is not conserving anything. It's people who are conserving the environment.

I also loved seeing this bee in the urinal, as I'd read about them back in 2009, albeit it was a fly back then as detailed in this short NPR story: There's a Fly in My Urinal.

A little bumblebee painted inside the urinal to aim at when you pee, which has been proven through studies to reduce 'splash' while urinating

I passed on lunch with the group today, as I ate the leftover half of my hamburger from Monday night's dinner, after which I got in my 30-minute walk for the day.

While walking on a sidewalk, I saw a sign at an entrance to a somewhat obscure path into the woods that said something about no motorized vehicles beyond this point, and I decided to "take the road less traveled."

A path in the woods with a fallen tree across one section of it.

I walked along the path for about ten minutes, but since I couldn't see any indication that it was going to exit back out to the sidewalk from which I'd entered it, I turned around a little after this point:

A more dense part of the path, shortly after which I turned around to head back out the way I came in.

After lunch and my walk, I met back up with Joe, and we then met the rest of the group at the next resort over, The Islander Inn, whose Splash Bar is billed as the largest swim-up bar in the world.

The front of the Splash Bar with people sitting in the stools in the water

As a complete aside: There were far too many things to be believed on Put-In-Bay that were billed as the largest, or the biggest, or the longest thing in the world. I want citations.

This shot shows a chunk of the wall/ledge, which one of the bartenders told me broke recently when the place was butts-to-nuts, as it tends to be on the weekends, and a very drunk person got up on it and started "dancing"—jumping up and down until it cracked. The EMT hauled him off.

A chunk of ledge missing

Here's a shot a little bit to the right, where you can see the lounge chairs that are set inside a very shallow part of the pool.

Lounging chairs inside the pool

This is a close-up of the waterfall that's in the pool and in the background of the previous picture. The thought crossed my mind to get under it to cool off at one point, but I didn't, and I never saw anyone else do it either.

A rock wall with a waterfall spilling over it into the pool

Here's another angle on the lounge chairs in a shallow part of the pool. That pirate ship in the background actually has another bar in it.

Lounge chairs in a shallow part of the pool with a pirate ship in the background

And off to the left side of the pool, there was a little eye candy, specifically the one in the middle with his back to us:

If you go for that sort of thing—and I DO.

Here's a shot of some of the folks in our group:

7 of the group of 15 of us
:  Joe, Cathy (Joe's sister Kathy's friend), Kathy (Joe's sister), Cindy (Joe's cousin), Pat (Joe's sister, half hidden), John (Pat's husband, with his back to us), and Mary Margaret (Joe's sister, with her back to us)

A close-up of Joe, his cousin Cindy, and his sister Pat:

Joe, Cindy, and Pat in the Splash Bar pool

And a playful shot of Joe's sister Pat (doing the queen's wave) and her husband John:

Pat, doing the queen's wave and John in the Splash Bar pool at a table

It wouldn't be fair to put pictures of them in without also subjecting myself to the same torture:

Me in the Splash Bar pool

Joe and I had pizza for dinner at Cameo Pizza, where after ordering their All Meat pie, we were told they had one that they'd made by mistake and we were welcome to have it right then instead of waiting 10 or 15 minutes for another one to cook.

We took it. And it was delicious.

We had a "chill" night our last night, eventually meeting over at the villas, where the group sat outside and drank and nibbled munchies until close to midnight.

That makes me realize that I never really described the group's lodgings. Put-In-Bay Resort & Conference Center has both (multi-floor, multiple bedroom) villas and (hotel-like) rooms. Joe's siblings, their spouses, and his cousin and her spouse rented one villa, and a group of friends of Kathy (and a couple of their friends) rented another villa. Joe and I stayed separate from all of them in one of the rooms.

Before turning in, Joe and I walked up to Cameo's again, as we had noted that they were open late, and we each got one of their Italian subs as a midnight snack.
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