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Put-In-Bay Vacation—Day 2

~Tuesday~  The highlight of today's vacation day was a bike ride around the island with Joe. I rented bikes for us—his as a belated birthday gift at which time I printed him a "coupon" to "redeem" for a bike.

The bikes were "old-fashioned," and by that I mean they had no gears or hand brakes. You had to pedal backwards to stop them.

This was our first stop, and we asked a guy to take our picture with my iPhone. The first time he pressed the button to take it, he pressed the button on the phone itself instead of on the display, which of course, did not take a picture, but instead closed the camera app.

The second one he took turned out to be a video. Not wanting to bother him further, I played the video hitting pause as soon as it started, and then took a screen capture of the display to make this picture:

John and I by our bikes with Lake Erie in the background

We rode by Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial island's monument:

Perry's Victory and International Peace Memorial

Here's Joe at a quick map check stop to plan the remainder of our route:

Joe looking at an island map on the side of the road in front of our bikes

Not far from there, we came to a corner with a cemetery on one side of the road and a bar on the other. I love cemeteries and usually seek them out at vacation spots. This is the one we came upon:

Trees and tombstones in Put-In-Bay's cemetery

I couldn't decide if this was a unique tombstone or a petrified tree:

A tree that looks like stone abutting a tombstone

And across the street from that, a photo-op—of course, with a name like that:

Sign saying, 'You've found it! Joe's Bar & Restaurant'

After our bike ride, we met the group for lunch at The Boardwalk, where we had margaritas at Rita's Cantina and then lunch on The Main Deck, with Joe and I choosing our lunches from The Fish Shak.

There were specials on margaritas at Rita's, and Joe got one:

Joe's margarita with (presumably) a 'side cart' of tequila

I do not like tequila, so I asked to substitute vodka in my margarita and chose the banana-flavored one:

John's vodka-based banana-flavored margarita, complete with a lobster-handled stirer and a twisty-curl straw

I liked this sign hanging over the bar:

Sign over bar that said, 'Forget the cracker... Polly wants a cocktail!'

We spent the afternoon in the pool at our resort—finally making it to the swim-up bar, which was the primary selling point that got me to sign up for this trip. :-)

Me in the pool leaning against the in-water bar with a bourbon and diet in my hand.

And here's a shot the likes of which you'll never see in a commercial on TV—have you ever noticed that you never see anyone actually drinking in TV commercials? They're not allowed to. I think it's the same with printed ads.

Me in the pool taking a sip of my bourbon and diet coke.

And after a bit, we moved over into the Jacuzzi section, which was at the far end of one side of the pool, and raised up.

In the Jacuzzi looking out over the deck of the pool

After having dinner with the group at Tipper's Seafood & Steak House—which is known for its rib eye steaks, but was sold out of them—Joe wasn't feeling well, and we excused ourselves to get some air.

We walked around a little before heading back to the resort, and I snapped these two pics of the pier area as dusk settled in:

Flags on the piers at dusk

The piers at dusk at another angle and with a pinker sky
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