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10 x 10 in the Triangle: 10 Actors! 10 Directors! 10 Plays! 10 Minutes!

~Friday~  I loved having a day of vacation at home. I was up pretty early, and I got to the gym at a little after 10:00 and finished up right at noon. I loved being done with my workout for the day by noon.

I met my friend Ann in Carrboro at a little after 6:00. We had dinner at The Spotted Dog, walked into a few galleries, and then attended 10 By 10 in the Triangle at The Arts Center.

I met Ann in the most interesting way—she approached me on the street on May 21, 2010 and said, "Are you the guy who blogs about riding the bus?" You can read all about it in that day's blog entry.

That's one of the two most interesting things that have happened to me as a result of blogging over the eight years I've been doing it. The other one was this recent posting about my jury duty 10 years ago.

The 10 plays we saw tonight were as follows:

  1. It's What's for Dinner

    This was a cute look at what it would be like if your groceries could talk, and included characters such as kale, a cut of beef, Brie, and one other thing that escapes me, but perhaps Ann can respond about. (The guy in the wheel chair played it.)

  2. Meet Cute

    This one was about two people waiting to pick up loved ones at the airport—the lady waiting for her boyfriend's flight, and the man waiting for his girlfriend's flight. Their ensuing conversation, driven by the persistent male character, leads to an unexpected turn of events.

  3. Northern Lights

    This was a quite humorous, and quite dramatic, scenario in which a girl wanted to get married, but all her guy could offer was, "Yes, I do want to marry you—later.

  4. A Short History of Weather

    This one was a quirky look at two people with "a mutual obsession with climates... a love story told through weather."

  5. Misfortune

    A hilarious series of (mis)fortune cookies received by the guy of a couple having dinner together.

  6. Perfect Strangers

    This one was about an exchange between a man and woman who had cancer and decided to meet as many strangers as she could before she died.

  7. The Quiz

    I laughed and laughed at this one, mostly due to one of the two actresses, who reminded me of an acting friend of mine, Katja. I loved the way she cried throughout this short play, and I also found it funny, because it was about weight issues and buying clothes, both of which I related to a lot.

  8. After You

    This one was about two guys going through a door, each of whom wants to let the other go first. During the 10 minutes, they debate as to who really is the most honorable to go first, while revealing the history of their friendship.

  9. Please Report Any Suspicious Activity

    This one was hands down the funniest play of the 10 to me. Two young gay guys sitting on a train getting into a huge dramatic argument with an innocent older man sitting between them.

  10. Oedipus: The Prequel

    In this one, a member of the "Greek chorus" tries to intercede on behalf of history to try to change the fate The King of Thebes.

I really enjoyed this entire concept and, although I certainly had favorites, there weren't any that I totally disliked. Thanks for a great evening, Ann!

As of today, there are still a few more perfomrances of 10 x 10. I highly recommend it if you're looking for some good entertainment in the Chapel Hill - Carrboro area! More info and tickets 10 Actors! 10 Directors! 10 Plays! 10 Minutes!
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