DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Love on my stoop... what's the scoop?

~Thursday~  Tonight, when I returned from my workout at:

this is what I saw at my front door when I pulled into my parking spot that faces it:

Bouquet of flowers left on my front door step

Here is the series of questions and thoughts that went through my mind:

  • Who would be sending these to me?

  • What's the date? Is it an occasion that I've forgotten about?

  • I can't believe no one has stolen these.

  • I wonder how long these have been here.

  • What kind of florist leaves a bouquet out in the open like that when no one's home?

  • What kind of florist leaves flowers like that outside in this oppressive heat?

    and then drawing close enough to read the card...
  • Hey, that's not my name.

  • Hey, that's not my address.

  • What kind of florist leaves a bouquet out in the open like that, when no one's home, out in this oppressive heat, and at the wrong address?

I brought them to my next door neighbor, and when she didn't answer her door, I left them on her stoop.

Hey, what's good for the florist is good for the Good Samaritan.
Tags: anecdotes

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