DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Oh, the irony—it's like rain on your wedding day...

~Wednesday~  As the day began to draw to an end, I had to squeeze in my 30-minute walk.

With a pizza in the oven and 20 minutes left on the timer, I set out to get 15 minutes of my 30 minutes in, because if I'd've waited until after the pizza was ready and I'd eaten it to do the entire 30-minute walk, I would've been about 30 minutes late for line-dancing.

While walking in my neighborhood, I turned down a nearby street that has a circle at its end, and on my way back I came upon a car parked on the right-hand side of the road that wasn't there when I'd entered the street only moments ago.

I was walking toward it on the same side of the street, and it was parked about 10-12 inches away from the curb. I debated walking between it and the curb, but then I noticed that the passenger-side window (by which I would have walked) was down, and then I noticed that someone was sitting in the passenger seat.

Thinking that that might be way too intimate, and somewhat awkward, I veered to the right, where I could walk far enough from the driver-side window as to not be uncomfortably close.

As it turned out, that window was down, too, and a quick glance into the car as I passed revealed tears streaming down the female driver's cheeks, and a boy's hands wringing distraughtly on the passenger side. My first thought was, "They're breaking up. Right here. Right now."

I quickly looked beyond their car, and that's when I noticed the road sign they were parked by:

Dead End

Photo disclaimer: Obviously, this is not the actual car, as it's a stock photo and there are no people in it. It's here for illustrative purposes only.
Tags: anecdotes

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