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Two movies—similar, but totally different... both lovely.

~Monday~  I've seen two movies recently, with a few things in common:

1. Each of them had a protagonist, or protagonists, with huge, huge dreams.
2. Each of them had a gay character, or two (or ten).
3. Each of them had an actor, or actors, in them that I love, love, love.

One of the films was:

These gay twin brothers were just plain cute in their quest to drive across the country to meet Dolly Parton and place the script of a movie they'd written in her hands—a movie they wanted her to star in, of course.

In terms of actors that I love, Dolly Parton made a cameo appearance in it, as did Beth Grant and Leslie Jordan.

And interestingly, this film also reminded me of a play I saw recently, called In On It, in the sense of it being a play within a play and Hollywood to Dollywood being a movie about a movie—if you will.

The other film I saw was:

So much to love in this movie!

The hotel owner, played by Dev Patel who was in Slumdog Millionaire, which I've never seen so he was a "new" actor to me, was the character with the big, big dream.

I was surprised, and most pleased, to find a gay character and sub-storyline in this movie, which is all I'm going to say about it, as I, personally, didn't detect it at all in the trailer, and I don't want to risk any spoilers.

Of course, favorite actors of mine in this film included the venerable and inimitable Dames of British theater, Judi Dench and Maggie Smith.

A "must see" in my opinion.
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