DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

LRC Womyn Tribute and Queer Eye on the Straight Guy...

I went to the LRC's "Tribute to Womyn of the Triangle" recognition dinner at the Eno River UUF in Durham. Wayne and Robert also went. Jan was there, of course, and she had her (straight) sister with her. I think her name was Chris.

They had posters along the back wall of all the honorees. My nomination write-up of Jan was on her poster – verbatim. I didn't realize they were going to just paste the dang thing up there. Of course, I wish I had corrected the grammar at the end of that first paragraph. After reading some of the others', though, we were in good shape.

The only other male there was John Short.

After schmoozing, we got in line for a delicious Italian meal. They served a nice salad with a choice of three killer salad dressings, some delicious rolls (choice of white and wheat), and the long cylindrical noodles, with spaghetti sauce. It was very, very good. I had seconds, as did a lot of people, because there was tons of food. Dessert was a choice of fruit salad or some brownies.

Barb hosted the event, and introduced the honorees, and breezed over their major accomplishments. Carol, one of the honorees, did a poetry recital that gave me, and a lot of others, goose bumps. It was so moving!

I left there at about 8:30, and headed over to Matt Lavoie's for his "Queer Eye on the Straight Guy" impromptu gathering. I was the first one there, and helped him move his futon and mattress over in front of the TV. The mattress is new, and a little unwieldy, and doesn't fit on the futon frame that he bought it for. He's building a new frame.

In addition to me and Matt, Deepak, Brian and Jim, a guy whose name escapes me now, made up the audience. The Brians, who live just around the corner, were expected, but did not show.

There was a little drama using the Tivo, but I think Matt was enjoying it. We watched the clip of the "Rainbow Men Group" (a la Blue Man Group) from last year, and I noticed that the first time the graphic at the bottom of the news segment is shown it says, "Franklin Street." The second time it appears, it says, "Frankllin Street." Matt said, "I've watched this clip so many times, and I've never noticed that."

I enjoyed watching Queer Eye with these guys more than I enjoyed the show itself. It's entertaining, and I would probably watch it if I had a TV, but I certainly won't travel around, or make special arrangements, to see it. I did think the cop was cute, but don't for a minute think he'll "incorporate" any of the changes he went through "into his life from now on." Bless my bitter, cynical mess.

It was a late night, leaving there just after 11, and driving back to Raleigh.

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