DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Beginnings of the plan to build a LGBT Community Center in the Triangle area...

Tonight was the Raleigh Community Forum, the first of TCW's call for input on the needs, services, and location of a LGBT Community Center in the Triangle area. We decided to rent the sanctuary, instead of using the Vaughn Wing, even though it was a lot more costly.

About 70 people showed up, including a couple of newspaper reporters, and three TV stations. The TV stations were a nice surprise. Some people got up and moved to the back of the church when they saw the TV cameras. One girl said, as if she had to explain, "I'm a school teacher."

Cal Allen ran the meeting and he was quite good. I'd heard a lot of good things about him, and they seem true. I liked this assessment I heard of him, "He has the right demeanor for this type of thing."

I mingled a little at the beginning, and had a nice chat with Jay, who was donating the refreshments (coffee and cookies and cakes) for the occasion. His shop is downtown, across from 518 West. I took minutes of the meeting.

Though the meeting was still wrapping up, I left at 9:00 to get to Flex to dance. I met Robert there, and as usual, it was a fun time.

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