DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Home sweet home...

Steve woke me up just before 8:00, and I packed while he showered. Next I showered, and finished packing. David showered after us, and Steve and I doled out the food that was left. I took some in my bag, and we gave a lot to David.

Steve checked us out, and David drove us to the pier. It was nice not to have to drag our bags down there. We dished a lot of the guys in the line, the boat arrived a little late, and we set sail at about ten after.

The ferry ride back was very nice. Steve sat in the shade, and I sat in the sun. It got cool enough to put my sweater jacket on, which I loved.

Steve watched the drama unfold around him, with the two "beautiful people" (so they thought) popping a half bag of pills, and the old man across from him OCDing through his bag.

We caught a water taxi from the port to Logan, and caught a bite to eat at Burger King after going through security. The organization of the line and service through there sucked. We thought we'd be late after being shuttled to the gate, but once we arrived there, boarding had not started. After about ten minutes they called us to board.

When we got outside, instead of going to a plane, we got on a shuttle bus, which took us right back to the terminal we were in before we took the shuttle bus there. "You're taking that plane over there," the guy said as we got off the bus, "but you have to go up here (pointing to a jetway), and come back down the other side."

Once in the terminal, we were told that our flight wasn't yet ready to board. After about ten minutes, they announced that "maintenance" was on the plane. A little while later, they announced that they were going to have to change a tire on the plane, and it would be 30-45 minutes before we could board.

Hours and hours later, we ended up home. Not a good ending to the trip. Thank goodness it was Saturday, and not Sunday, so we still had a day to unwind before going back to work.

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