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Jimmy James...

We got up at about 9:30 today, and I went up to the Tips 'n Tops'n Portuguese Restaurant, and bought us breakfast. I had intended to just get me some coffee and Steve some orange juice, but their breakfast looked good, and you could get it to go. I guessed on what Steve might want, getting one "combo" order of two scrambled eggs, two pancakes, and three link sausages, and one linguisa and cheese omelet. I figured I'd eat whichever one he didn't want. Back at the house, Steve chose the pancakes combo, which was what I was hoping.

After breakfast, we packed up and went for a bike ride on the trails, and up to the beach. The ride started off not too fun, as Steve complained about having to ride a short stretch on a four-lane highway. I had only chose that route because I thought it was less hilly then going via Carver Street, and I thought he would complain about that.

Once we got to the trails, however, it was nice. We stopped at Bennett Pond, where it was quite "buggy," and then continued on the trail. We passed just a few people along the way, and Steve didn't complain any more along the way. I had warned him about there pretty steep hills we would be encountering, so he was mentally prepared for them, and just walked his bike up two of them.

We came out on Herring Cove beach, where most of the straight people / families hang out. We stopped there for about an hour, and laid out on the beach. We played the "I'll say the first verb that comes to my mind, and you say the first noun that comes to your mind" game. It didn't last too long. We then played a version of Catch Phrase, with the category being famous people, taking turns giving clues and guessing.

Not surprising at all, we had no Nextel service there.

We rode back via the road, passed the area where all the bikes park at the entrance of the trail that leads down to the "gay beach," and rode back to the cottage via The Red Inn and Commercial Street. It was a real nice area, and Steve pointed out some old houses that he had heard about on a tour he had previously taken. Back at the house, we had a nice lunch, finishing off enough food to warrant a trip to the grocery store later in the afternoon.

After lunch, I got my laptop out, and caught up my journal, while Steve volunteered to take his bike to the grocery store. While writing, I had the classical station on, and two surprising pieces came on – one "Allegri Misereri" (one of my memorial service selections), which was followed by "Polonaise," which Mark used to play so beautifully in high school. Interesting juxtaposition of pieces to me.

Steve returned from the grocery store with pineapple juice, to which we added vodka, and a splash of cranberry. Yum. Did I say that I wasn't going to drink at all today? Oh well.

We ended up eating at Grand Central, which was recommended by "The Barker." It was so good! We had the waitress snap a picture of us having dinner together there.

We went to see the Jimmy James show. What a great performer. I got caught up in the moment, and bought three of his CDs on the way out. He signed one of them for me.

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