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Speaking of unlikely things, two of them happened to me today...

~Monday~ Two very unlikely things happened to me today, one of them probably as unlikely as winning the mega-lottery.

Speaking of the lottery, these ten things were more likely to happen than winning that recent half-billion-plus dollar lottery:

Dating a super model:

Drowning in the bathtub:

Dying by falling off a ladder:
1-in-2.3 million

Killed using a right-handed product if you’re a lefty:
1-in-7 million

Killed by falling airplane parts:
1-in-10 million

Birthing identical quadruplets:
1-in-13 million

Becoming a saint:
1-in-20 million

Making two holes-in-one in one round of golf:
1-in-67 million

Killed by a vending machine:
1-in-112 million

Killed by falling space junk:
1-in-21 trillion

Source: Time NewsFeed

And, yes, I do know that the chances of winning that mega-million dollar lottery, if you didn't buy a ticket, was zero.

But I digress... Let's see, where was I? Oh yes, two unlikely things happened to me today:

  1. In my car on the way to the post office, a radio announcer aired a teaser, "And when we come back, we'll let you know who has been tapped to play Steve Jobs in the movie being made based on Walter Isaacson's biography of him."

    I thought quickly through my—very limited—awareness of currently popular actors, and of those, if there were any who sort of looked like Steve Jobs. "Ashton Kutcher," immediately popped into my mind.

    I changed the station, because I don't listen to commercials on the radio, and when I got home I Googled that for a news item, and sure enough: Ashton Kutcher to Play Steve Jobs.

  2. On my way back from the post office, I passed by Kent Park on Kaplan Street, home to a very popular Frisbee Golf course. There is one goal that is aside the street in such a way that Frisbees coming toward it that are overshot often end up on the sidewalk, sometimes in the middle of the road, and even all the way across the street in some less frequent, grossly overshot cases.

    Being the incredibly nice weather day that it was, I was traveling down Kaplan street with all four of my windows down, when all of a sudden a Frisbee came in my passenger window, passed by my nose by about three inches, and went out the driver side window.

    "Holy shit!" I thought, before snapping out of my day-dream.

A guy throwing his Frisbee in a game of Frisbee Golf
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