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The "Talent Show" at the Paramount...

We got up just before 10:00 today, and right at 10:00, called the library to schedule some computer time. We got computers 2 & 3 at noon. I showered and shaved, and I went ahead, while Steve finished getting ready, to get some coffee and a bagel. Steve was to meet me at the coffee shop.

I found the coffee shop, which was much farther down Commercial Street than I thought, and got some coffee. They didn't have any bagels there, though. I sat on the stoop and wrote out post cards to Mom & Dad, Viv & Nib, Annette & Frank, and Jeanie-baby. I addressed all but Jeane's remembering only part of Ann Law's address.

Walking back to the post office, I ran into Steve shopping for more cards at the little convenience store. He had bought some stamps, and I bummed 4 of them. I went to the post office to mail the three cards I had the addresses for, bought 20 more stamps, and then stopped by Lagniappe for a sesame bagel with butter, which I got to go.

We walked to the library, a little too slow for me, as we were a little behind at this point. As we got closer, I said to Steve, "Honey, I'm going to walk a little faster, as we're going to be late, and I don't want to miss any of my time." He retorted, "You must have a lot to do."

I tried not to get irritated with that remark, but it really bothers me when I work hard not to make a judgmental statement, and I get one back. I really thought, before I said what I said, so as not to say something like, "You're walking way too slow," or to even ask him to walk faster. I made it about me, "I'm going to walk faster, so I don't lose any time." Oh well. I got over it quickly.

As usual, the half hour on the computer flew by quickly. I was on AIM, sort of hoping Robert would pop on, but sort of not. It would have been interesting to see if he would have initiated a conversation. In the end, though, I was glad it didn't happen, as it would be interesting to see how a whole week of not communicating plays out.

I had surprisingly few e-mails, which was a good thing. One of the TCW volunteers whom I'd sent e-mail to before leaving had responded in a positive way, so that's good. I was afraid my note was a little off-putting. At least it wasn't to this person.

After our half-hour on-line I sat out in front of the library, and ate my bagel, drenched in butter. God bless those Lesbians at Lagniappe. Steve made a Nextel-to-Nextel phone call to Brian, which consisted mostly of "can you hear me nows" and partial sentences.

We stopped at the liquor store, where I bought a fifth of Canadian Club, and Steve bought Vodka. Steve stopped in a couple of shops on the way back, and I waited outside, unless I was beckoned in, which was the case at the No Panic shop. We looked at various t-shirt possibilities for Brian, and had a discussion about whether he would wear a medium of a large. Steve settled on the "Porn Star in Training" t-shirt, but decided to wait to buy it until we could talk to Brian to find out what size he wears.

Back at the house, I wrote out about 12 post cards, including 6 of Steve's. I wrote one to Will and Joe from both of us. As I was writing mine out, I noted others I yet want to send, and need to buy 13 more post cards, and 6 more stamps tomorrow.

After that, Steve headed out to the beach, and I went on a bike ride in the trails in the dune. It was as beautiful out there as the fond memories I have of it, riding with Joe last year. I was paying special attention to the terrain as I was riding, noting where Steve might struggle if we ride together later in the week. There are about three really steep spots that I think he might have to "cross train."

I exited the trail at Herrings Cove, and rode along the "straight beach." There were a lot of families there, and along with them, some real hot "daddies."

I rode back on the road instead of on the trails through the dunes. Once back in town, I rode up commercial, and sat on a bench in the "town commons" area, and just watched people. It's always interesting watching and listening to people.

There was a lady performing there, who was dressed, and looked like a marionette. She would walk sort of like a robot, and made these squeaking noises with every body movement. It reminded me a little bit of the Tin Man, when Dorothy first found him. She was very entertaining, and a large crowd gathered around to watch her for about 20 minutes. It was fun watching the kids' reactions as they neared her.

I rode back to the cottage, and started a "very long happy hour," with the booze we'd bought earlier in the day. I worked on some journal entries, and waited for Steve to return from the beach. When he got back, I made some appetizers of Wheat Thins, squeeze cheese, and linguisa. Yum. As I was cooking the linguisa Steve said, "Yuck. I could never eat that." Five minutes later, he ate about a third of them. That's my boy.

Steve had run into Peter and Brent at the beach, and they told him about a drag show going on tonight that was supposed to be pretty good. They were going, and Steve told them we'd probably go too, and look for them.

Steve showered and headed out to the Crown & Anchor to buy our tickets for the drag show, while I showered. I was pretty toasted by the time I headed out to meet him. I met him in the bar at the Crown & Anchor, and we had one drink. We spoke a little with the guys sitting at the table next two us, two of whom were "Provincetown natives" (well, they are currently living here anyway), and got some advice on where to eat dinner.

We went to the something Ross' Grill, very close by, and had a delicious meal. We started off on the deck with a Smirnoff Ice each, as they only served wine and beer there. Shortly, we were seated at the bar, next to three nice Lesbians to our right. Of course, Steve started up a conversation with them, and it was a nice time.

We had two appetizers – crab cakes and calamari with a killer soy sauce dip. Steve swears the extreme garlic taste we both had in our mouths all night came from that dip. I swear it was from the Caesar salads we both had after the appetizers. He had blackened chicken in his, and I had broiled scallops in mine. It was delicious! About half way through the salad, I asked if we could have some bread. God, was that good – nice and soft and fresh, and the butter! :-)

From there, we went over to the Paramount for the show. We got a seat at about 9:15, and waited while the place got totally packed for the 10:00 show. It didn't end up starting until about 10:15, and right before it did start, we saw Peter and Brent, though not within speaking distance. We never did connect with them.

Before the show started Steve was flirting with the guy in front of us, who was rather hot, but had a boyfriend of 13 years with him. While the boyfriend was away for a few minutes, he said something about coming over to our place at 2:00 tomorrow. About half way through the show, he and his boyfriend got up and left though. He leaned over as he left, pinched my left tit, and said, "It was nice to meet you guys."

After a while, a girl standing behind us asked if their two seats was available. Steve had moved up into one of their seats, as his seat was near a trash can. She took the seat beside him, in front of me, and then her friend, "glitter boy," (Ryan Michael) took Steve's original seat to the right of me, next to the trash can.

She turned out to be a yacker, and insisted on having a conversation that couldn't be heard, and a lot of confusion ensued. She thought Steve and I were an item, even though I said we weren't. He had glitter all over his body, and at one point, took my face and put it in his chest, which of course, got glitter all over my face and shirt. Later, she said, what I thought was, "Are you sure you two guys don't have a thing?" to which I answered, "Absolutely not." But after looking totally confused about everything, it dawned on me that she earlier did not get that we weren't together, and I think what she asked was, "Are you sure you guys don't swing?"

As it got late, at about 11:45, with the show starting to wind down, I had had enough of her questions and comments that I couldn't understand, and went to the rest room to try and wash that glitter off my face. Most of it came off, but there were sparkles here and there whenever I turned my face a certain way. I also caught glimmers of them on my clothes as I looked down at certain times in certain directions.

I ended up standing in the back after I came out of the bathroom, and after about 10 more minutes just left. They were going to vote on who was the best drag queen all night and I didn't want to sit through all that. I went over to "The Vault" instead.

It was late by then, about 12:15, and there was nothing happening in there. Last call was at ten till one, and I left at about three till.

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