DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

Amber waves of flesh...

We woke up at about 10:00AM. Steve caught me up on all the hot sex that took place at the other end of that bar after I left. Hot. Hot. Hot. We got ready, and headed out to breakfast. We got to Bubala's on the line wasn't bad at all, so we decided to eat there.

We ended up getting the best table, outside, facing the street. Just perfect. Steve ordered the Norwegian Salmon omelet, and I ordered the Portuguese omelet. Both came with hash browns and toast, and we were both very pleased with our choices. I just loved the coffee there; it tasted flavored, sort of like mocha, even though I'm sure it wasn't, as it was their "regular" coffee.

After breakfast, we rode our bikes out to the A&P and shopped. We did pretty good getting the essentials, and careful to buy only what we could carry on our bikes. I thought I was going to have to walk my bike back, but ended up being able to ride it. We had a case of bottled water, though while a little tenuous, worked out fine to tote back. We were disappointed to find the liquor stores closed on Sunday, but we bought the mixers to have them on hand for Monday. The only healthy thing in our order, and it really was not the healthiest choice, was some yogurt.

We rode our bikes out to the beach rather late in the afternoon. There were a lot of people coming back as we were heading out. It was a long walk, and I had thoughts of Will last year making that trek that so wore him out. Steve and I separated shortly after we arrived there. I watched a bunch of guys, some naked, coming and going in and out of the reeds.

I left there at about 5:30, and made the long trek back to the bicycles. I had a nice ride home, and Steve and I decided to go to Tea Dance at the Crown & Anchor instead of paying 10 bucks to go back to the Boatslip.

At the Crown & Anchor tea dance, Steve met "Jeffrey" and told him he was a principal. He also told him that we (Steve and me) were in a relationship for five years now, so that he wouldn't try to pick him up. He was missing several teeth. I didn't stay around the table long after being introduced, and later when I said to Steve, "I'm sorry; I couldn't get past the missing teeth," Steve responded, "He put them in after you left!" Girl. That just cracked me up.

Two Long Island Ice Teas and two Wild Turkey and Diet Cokes later, an Oceanside table came free, and we nabbed it. Shortly after, this girl named Amber joined us. She was a straight woman with the biggest tits in history. She was there with her friend, Tom, whom she introduced a little later when he walked up. With them, a few minutes later, came a guy named Elliott, who was staying at the same place as them, and he joined us.

His story was that he had owned 15 Burger Kings, and had just sold them. He was in P-Town with a "family gathering," his brother (Eric), his cousin (can't remember his name), and his uncle (Robbie); all of whom are gay, and within the hour had visited the table.

As the night progressed, Amber got more and more out of control. At one point she put her legs up on the table, spread them, and started screaming like she was having an orgasm. The guys at the table next to us were all looking at her, and cracking up, as were the group of guys sitting around us on the other side.

After a few minutes, a killer Cher song came on in the Paramount, and we all went in there to dance. Amber, again, was out of control, and got up on the speakers and was dancing like a madwoman. Steve jumped up there and he was faux-fucking her up there for the entire bar to see. Elliott and I were doing a little dirty dancing, and watching, and Elliott was very concerned that she was going to fall off the speakers.

At one point, Steve said, "Let's go out and get a drink." We left the dance floor, and for some reason or other, Elliott ended up not being outside when we got out. We saw Amber sitting over on a chair, totally shit-faced. We walked over, and she slurred to Steve, "Can you open my purse please." He undid the latch; she got a tube of lipstick out, and started to apply it. Steve told her to give it to him, and he finished it up for her.

I said to Steve, "This would be a good time for us to make an exit. This group is going to become a liability before the night is over." Steve said, "We're going to the restroom; it was nice to meet you." Fortunately, she was too far gone to realize that we were really saying, "Good night," to her, and we made our exit.

We walked over to the "Burger Queen," and had a delicious dinner of a Cheeseburger and fries. There was a real cute guy working the register, and when he said to me, "What's your name?" (to put on the order), I said, "John. And what's your name?"

He answered, "Ilbeb" (I think; something like that), and smiled. I said, "Well it's only fair that if I give you my name, you give me yours." "I hope I see you again," he said. Sweet boy.

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