DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

First-world distractions at the gym...

These are some of the things that bug me at the gym. I'm not looking for advice, comfort, or solutions for them.

And I do realize that these are first-world problems. But they're my problems, and the fact that they're first-world doesn't dismiss them.

  1. I am suspicious of people who stretch parts of their upper body and then do a lower body workout. And vice-versa.

  2. I wonder what people who do some upper body machines and some lower body machines in the same workout are trying to accomplish. Or avoid.

  3. I get annoyed with people who spend more than ten minutes on one machine. Especially if a good percentage of the time they are playing with their gadgets. Or worse—for some odd reason—if they're just sitting there staring into space.

  4. It annoys me that my Planet Fitness has a "Cell Phones Prohibited" policy, but they don't enforce it. Even when the staff is giving a tour to prospective members, and they walk right by people who are screaming into their phones.

  5. Male-female couples who "PDA" (if that can be a verb) in the gym. Really??? Are you that in love?

  6. Too much mirror work. And I mean between reps and sets, not during them.

    Man kissing his image in a mirror

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