DailyAfirmation (dailyafirmation) wrote,

All three of my meetings were canceled today: one-on-one with Mathis, process meeting with Alan, and the AmeB action item review with Alan et.al. from 4-5. Alan stopped by my office during the day. We had a little chat about our personal plans for the next week or so as we're both on vacation. I find him sexy, though I don't want to.

At home, I packed before heading out to games night at about 7:10. I called Robert at work on the way, and as I got close to the church, he started reading me the weather report for P-Town. He was reading all of the verbiage of each day as I pulled up to the church, and he was only on Wednesday. I interrupted him and said, "Honey, could you just read me the low temperatures for the week. I'm at the church now."

I instantly felt bad about cutting him off, and he got real quiet. I could tell that I'd hurt his feelings. What a bitch I am. He was trying, as best he could, to "get into" a trip he was not going to go on, and has reservations about, and I just cut him off. Saying good-bye I went into the church and set up.

At about 7:35, I called him back to apologize, and he started crying on the phone. I felt so bad. He said he'd call me back later.

People didn't start arriving until about 7:40. Joel, Matt, and Kryn (is that how you spell it?) arrived within about 10 minutes, and we played a game of scrabble. Matt beat the shit out of all of us. After that, we started playing Catch Phrase, and after a little while more, Robert arrived!

I was so glad he came, as I was considering riding out to Chapel Hill after games night to make up for my behavior earlier in the evening. I got a big hug, and then he joined us for Catch Phrase, unfortunately for him, as Joel's partner. Joel has a real caustic sense of humor, and I think, if you're not of the right frame of mind, you could take him all wrong.

I basically closed the place up at 10:00. Another group of guys had arrived and played a strategy game. When we finished the second Catch Phrase game, they had just finished their game, and I started putting all of the chairs away. They got the message, and we were all out of there by about 10:15.

It was pouring like a mother when we left there. We got soaked getting to our cars, and stepped in huge puddles that were unavoidable. It really was a torrential rain.

At home, Robert and I did a couple of crossword puzzles, and then MMMMMMMMMMMMed. He left at about 1:30 or 2:00.

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