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A buscapade: "His clothes were all, like,  fratty..."

~Tuesday~  This morning I caught the Wolfline #9 Gorman Street Local university bus, which has had three names in the last year.

Originally it was the Greek Village bus. Then it became the Greek Way bus. And now it's the Gorman Street Local bus. At least by number, it's always been the #9 bus.

This is an aerial view of what's often referred to as "Fraternity Row," by which said bus rides each morning picking up and dropping off fraternity boys and sorority girls:

The bus was very crowded this morning, and by the time we got to fraternity row, the aisles were nuts-to-butts with those anatomically accommodating.

Since I get on at the beginning of the line, I had a seat, and a quartet of co-eds ended up standing in the aisle right in front of me and the conversation proceeded as follows:

Co-ed 1: "He came over again later that day, like after class, and he had on those same clothes, and I was like, 'Gregg, you're not wearing that again,' and he was like, 'What, these are the same clothes I've had on all day.' They were, like, khakis and a button down shirt, and he was like, 'You don't like them?' and I was like, 'It's just that they're so fratty...' at which point her friend interrupted her.

Co-ed 2: "Ally, you're a sorority girl!"

Co-ed 1: "I know, but I don't like fratty clothes."

Perhaps she should have him read: How To Lose Your Frat Boy Look. Or, personally, I would recommend to him: "How To Lose Your Frat Boy Look Critic."

And, of course, with her iterative embolalia, she left me thinking about this 45-second Catherine Tate skit:

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