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Love me some Borough...

~Thursday~ I charge everything that I possibly can on one credit card, one on which I get reward points, and I pay it off monthly. The last time I took a snapshot, my average monthly bill was around $1500 a month:

Monthly credit card bill totals for 2010 and half of 2011

Recently, I received my "2011 Annual Summary" of my credit card charges, which is broken down into these six categories, with my percentage of total expenses spent in each category indicated:

  • Travel - 15%
  • Restaurants - 19%
  • Auto - 9%
  • Merchandise - 39%
  • Cash - 0% (I would never get cash out from my credit card with the exorbitant interest rate on it.)
  • Miscellaneous - 18%

Of my restaurant charges, 47 out of 139 (33.8%) were at this establishment, where I dropped $768.42, mostly for liquid refreshments, and more specifically for bourbons and Diet Coke:

The Borough
The Borough, downtown Raleigh at the corners of Morgan and Dawson
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