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Where have all the fat cells gone, long time passing...

~Wednesday~  I'm not saying I'm topically myopic these days, but I engaged with three things related to my health today:

1. I Googled: "Where does the fat go when you lose weight?"
2. I Googled: "Does your skin shrink when you lose weight?"
3. I contacted Raleigh Orthopaedics to schedule an MRI for my knee.

  1. Where does the fat go when you lose weight?

    Sometimes I wonder if I ever really took that high school biology class with Mr. Bryant, who was a very tough teacher with a rigorous curriculum who was known for his tag line: "Repetition is necessary for learning," as well as for the fetuses in jars around the walls of his classroom.

    I probably spent most of my time in there wondering why those "biological things" that "happen to your body" when you "see a pretty girl" weren't happening to me. But I have truly digressed...

    I doubt my attention in class, because my expectation about body fat would be that it is "eliminated" from my body not unlike the food I eat. D'oh.

    Although I ultimately preferred this Mayo Clinic explanation, I first enjoyed this explanation of how body fat is stored and used, mostly because it contained a picture of a fat cell, which reminds me a lot of an acorn, which reminds me that Raleigh is "The City of Oaks," which means I have digressed yet again...

  2. Does your skin shrink when you lose weight?

    On one of our trips to the Island House in Key West, Joe and I met a couple (two guys, of course—and one "chunkier" than the other) who claimed that fat could be sexy, but only "tight fat." But I digress.. a trifecta of digression now, if you will...

    The general consensus, including in Excess Skin After Weight Loss, seems to be that loose, hanging skin is generally not a problem until the weight loss exceeds 100 pounds and if it's done very quickly.

  3. Scheduling an MRI for my knee

    Although that cortisone shot I got last Friday has definitely reduced the inflammation in my knee, it has not alleviated any of the pain. I used the Raleigh Orthopaedic request an appointment web page to request an appointment for an MRI.

    I'm really afraid that what I had repaired with arthroscopic knee surgery in December of 2008, has perhaps gone awry:


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